a new dawn…

A year ago, I registered this domain with the intent of starting a blog but life intervened and I never got around to it.  Back then I don’t think any of us could have envisioned the different reality we live in today.  Since the beginning days of the financial crisis I have maintained that the disruption, while undoubtedly painful, would eventually lead to a process of innovation and renewal.   And it is fitting that President Obama, himself a symbol of a new America, would be our leader during this time.  Yes, jobs have been lost, businesses have gone under and retirement savings have vanished.  However, the US savings rate has increased well into positive territory, people tell me time and again how they have gone back to appreciating the simpler things in life and I see more people than ever pursuing their true passions vs just a paycheck.  I am barraged by innovative ideas everyday and never cease to be amazed at the brilliance and resourcefulness that exists around me.  We are truly at a new dawn in this world, one in which there is much unknown but in which there is the greatest availability of information than ever before, and globalization and interconnectedness on a wide scale.

Of course, the recovery cannot be complete until everyone is able to participate in future prosperity. In this blog I will explore how we, as global citizens, seize the opportunities and address the challenges that lay before us — and I welcome your comments and suggestions as we embark on this journey.

Posted: July 2nd 2009