Below are representative speaking engagements. My areas of expertise span venture capital investing, globalization, emerging markets, innovation, entrepreneurship, women in business, and regional technology ecosystem building. Please contact me to inquire about my availability.

Milken Institute Global Conference, May 2018
Milken Institute Global Conference, May 2016
FMO Dutch Development Bank Future of Finance Opening Keynote, September 2016
The Economist Buttonwood Gathering, October 2015
MoneyConf, June 2018
MoneyConf, June 2017
Money 20/20 Europe, June 2018
Money 20/20: Investing in Bitcoin, October 2015
Consensus 2018 Equity or Coins, May 2018
Consensus 2015: Blockchain Fundraising Trends, September 2015
Web Summit, November 2017
Web Summit Dublin, November 2015
RICS World Built Environment Summit, April 2018
GMIC Beijing, April 2018
MIT Fintech Conference, March 2017
Techonomy, May 2018
Cornell NYC Fintech Conference, October 2015
NYU Stern Inaugural Fintech Conference (Beyond Blockchain and the DAO), November 2016
New York Venture Summit, July 2018
The Economist: Finance Disrupted, September 2017
Johns Hopkins SAIS Women in Leadership Conference, April 2014
Smart Cities NYC, May 2017
Closing Keynote (Fintech 2020): Finnovista Bogota, February 2016
Blockchain World Congress, September 2016
Cross-Border Venture Summit, November 2017
Venture Capital Investors Talk Fintech, June 2017
Penn Blockchain Conference, April 2018
The Economist Growth Crossings, May 2016
Blockchain Economic Forum, October 2017
Ethereal Summit, May 2017
Wharton/Kellogg CIO Leaders in Alternative Investments, November 2017
High Water Women's 2016 Investing for Impact Symposium, November 2016
Web Summit Surge Bengalaru, March 2016
Launch Festival, April 2017
Capital One Fintech, April 2018
Capital One Fintech, April 2018
Women's Private Equity Summit, March 2018
Women's Private Equity Summit, March 2018
GITEX Technology Week - GITEX Future Stars, October 2017
Blockstack Summit 2015, September 2015
Fintech Rising, March 2016
Partner Connect, March 2018
SAP Startup Focus Fintech, February 2018
True Global Ventures - Disruption in Banking and Insurance, July 2017
Wharton Private Equity and Venture Capital Dinner, March 2018
SuperReturn US East, June 2017
Skift Global Forum, October 2016
Empress World Investor Panel, September 2017
Women in Fintech: Humanizing Data, November 2016
Is Blockchain the Next Internet? with Future\Perfect Ventures, March 2017